About Me


Please note: at the moment I am taking a break from furniture painting.

I suppose you could say I am a real countryside girl. I was born and raised in Windermere, hiking the fells and learning to swim in the lake. I then moved to Cornwall to complete my degree in Fine Art Photography. In 2012 I gained first class honours and, as a celebration, moved to the South Island of New Zealand for two years with my fiancé. I love to get outdoors, take in our beautiful scenery and appreciate the changing seasons.

The two loves of my life are the Lakeland Fells and painting. Both can get a little messy! I have been painting furniture for over ten years. I am passionate about colour, design and interior spaces. I love to repurpose and reuse existing materials, giving well worn furniture a new lease of life.  I would say the most enjoyable part of my job is working with customers and seeing them get excited as their home starts to take shape. It’s a real pleasure to be able to share what I love with others and watch as they start to love it too.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Melissa x